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Is your business VoIP ready?

Posted by Frits
VoIP provider

There are many great reasons to move to VoIP, but the challenges for enterprise customers remain the same: what to do about the legacy PBX investment? Is there a relatively pain-free way to migrate from TDM (time-division multiplexing) to an all IP solution? It might seem easy to go out, buy the latest IP phones and install an IP card in a TDM circuit card’s place, but there are several factors to consider before migrating to VoIP.


Become the Trusted Advisor(s)

Posted by Karl Reed

We have all dealt with these people in some way or another, they are everywhere and catch you when you least expect it. They are highly trained in their approach, how they deal and interact with you, and with what they provide.


Partly cloudy with no forecast for rain

Posted by Kevin Hall
contact centre

The decision to go cloud is no longer just a simple decision made because of the strategic business benefits, but also certain areas of the business needs should be considered. A wholesale approach to cloud infrastructure is not always possible, as the company’s operating model may require additional specifications for the business needs.