Customer service vs Customer experience

Posted by Kevin Hall
Customer service

5 key points to remember

When dealing with customers and clients, most enterprises are competing on service and not on features and functionality. The result has been a service mindset where customers are seen as commodities, and customer retention is becoming harder than ever.


Getting to grips with customer needs

Posted by Frits
customer service

Exceptional customer service is the holy grail of business. Communication and marketing teams around the world focus on this key element, and yet as much focus as it receives, exceptional service remains elusive at best, and frequently highly problematic for many organisations.


Virtual panel discussion: Long term contracts a problem for business?

Posted by Karl Reed

Long term contracts were at one stage considered as the most viable option to protect businesses against high annual increases. The rapid development of new technologies has changed all that – top technology and services today may be superseded tomorrow. Somewhere in all this there must be a middle road. We asked a number of industry players to give us their views on this and related issues.