Migrating to DevOps

Posted by Jannie Pretorius

Decision-makers are increasingly aware of the term DevOps (development operations) and the potential impact it can have on enhancing business operations. This signifies a shift in how business and technology will more effectively work together in the years to come.


Elingo at the heart of Viva Foundation’s continued community support

Posted by Kobus Potgieter

ICT company Elingo (Pty) Ltd. is focused on solutions and services within the multimedia contact centre and enterprise IP telephony space, but is also a long-time sponsor of the enterprise development programme run by the Viva Foundation of South Africa – sponsorship that means sustainability for the organisation and continued assistance to those in need.


Unified comms pushes workforce boundaries

Posted by Kevin Hall

The rapid increase in the number of people and in volumes of data has left businesses with no option but to embrace digital technology and adapt systems. There are pros and cons to this, but ultimately the evolution to video conferencing, fast data connections, the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) means the opportunity to assemble a virtual workforce.