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Customer service vs Customer experience

Posted by Kevin Hall
Customer service

5 key points to remember

When dealing with customers and clients, most enterprises are competing on service and not on features and functionality. The result has been a service mindset where customers are seen as commodities, and customer retention is becoming harder than ever.


From Dark Ages to Automation - the Evolution of Communication

Posted by Karl Reed
Business Process Automation

Do you remember the days when people delivered documents to your desk? Paper pushers and mail rooms, people receiving emails and re-routing these to various people to handle? I call them the human routers … then, tracking activities and escalations of work and staff via Excel spreadsheets? This is still how it works in most organisations, so have we really evolved?


The Future of Enterprise Communication

Posted by Frits

The massive move to Cloud based services signals the death of proprietary telephony systems.

Proprietary telephony providers no longer control the market with the rise of VOIP (Voice over IP) and the standardisation of Unified Communication within organisations, as the demand for real time messaging trumps formal workplace communications.