- Chief Technology Officer -

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Elingo’s Technical Division, Johan has an impressive and extensive skills portfolio across a number of disciplines. These include networking, systems administration, application development and virtualization.

Over the years Johan used his knowledge and practical experience to help countless call centers achieve efficiency and business goals. He was a fundamental part of the team who helped to build MiWay from the ground up with the Interaction Centre Product from Interactive Intelligence. He used his knowledge of installation, configuration and support for computer telephony to ensure every detail was attended to.

Johan has been working on these products for more than 20 years and his technical background is one of his strong points. He is a firm believer in leading by example and ensures that his teams learn from him as he coaches and mentors them throughout their careers. Johan empowers his team and, no matter what the challenge or situation, he will make sure it works by thinking on his feet, relating to people and encouraging his people. He also has a knack for gauging levels of understanding and explaining things in such a way that anyone can understand. So why not ask him a question?